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GTA V Ships on Two Discs, Requires 8GB Install

Posted by Ken Barnes

Start clearing some space...

Rockstar has confirmed that when Grand Theft Auto V ships on September 17th, it'll be coming to Xbox 360 owners on two discs. Not only that, but the game will REQUIRE installation, with that installation taking up some 8GB of HDD space.

The first disc contains the mandatory install data, whilst disc two will be used to play the game. No disc-switching is required once that install has taken place, we're told. You can install to an external USB flash drive (16GB minimum) which has 8GB of space free. The stick will need to be formatted for Xbox 360 use, and have a 15mb/s minimum read speed.

So it's time you started deleting old demos, we reckon.

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Tasuki said:

Has to be installed WTF MS, I have never heard of that before. Its these kind of tactics that is making more and more glad that I am going with the PS4 instead of the Xbox One.

On that note though I have plenty of room on my Xbox so 8gigs is nothing.



XD375 said:

Yeah, most PS3 versions of games require installs like this, so Tasuki's logic here really isn't making a lot of sense.



Tasuki said:

I dont understand why would they make the install mandatory? It doesn't make sense.



Gamer83 said:

I guess it's because I game on PS3 a lot but this doesn't seem like a big deal unless of course you don't have the harddrive space, even then you can find a work around. Also I believe Halo 4 needed an install for multiplayer so this isn't unprecedented for 360. For sure, it will help the game run better so I'm fine with this. Installing a game is the first thing I do anyway.

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