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Xbox One Game Sharing May Not Have Been As Great As We All Thought

Posted by Ken Barnes

"Disgruntled Employee" spills the beans.

When Microsoft reversed their plans to use restrictive DRM in the Xbox One, we all thought that the much celebrated "Family Policy" would be stripped from the device as a result.

That policy related to sharing your game library with members of your "family." You could nominate up to 10 people - from anywhere in the world - as family members, and they'd all get access to your full game library, with one of them being able to play the game at the same time as you. Or so we were led to believe.

A somewhat disgruntled "Microsoft employee" who was working on the family sharing features, has taken to Pastebin to air his views on the whole thing.

In his words, players playing your shared games would only have been able to play in timed chunks of between 15 and 45 minutes at a time. Once that time limit was up, the player playing the shared version would be kicked out and prompted to go and buy a digital copy of the game via the Xbox Marketplace. Any progress made in the game would be saved, and they'd be able to carry on when they'd bought the full version. There was no limit to how many times a player could access a game in a shared library, so theoretically, a player could get kicked out and then go straight back in to carry on - but even that was under discussion. As the employee says:- "We were toying around with a limit on the number of times members could access the shared game (as to discourage gamers from simply beating the game by doing multiple playthroughs)."

This all has to be taken with a pinch of salt, given that there's absolutely no verification as to the poster's true identity. However, he or she does seem to have an awful lot of information to hand. View it as you will, but it could well be that the family policy that we're all lamenting the lack of, might not have been that great after all.


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Vincent294 said:

Makes sense. I'm glad to see it go, especially since this explains why it seemed too good to be true.



Too complicated was a murky mess

As ive said before - buy console, buy game, play game



FullbringIchigo said:

i think they should do digital like the PS3 does while you can only have them on two consoles at a time anyone on either console can access the whole game with no restrictions and they wouldn't even need to be signed in to your account

see family sharing can work my brother has access to my whole PS+ library even though he's not on PS+ ans by limiting it to just a few consoles it does away with people taking advantage of multiple game sharing between friends while still letting them share with family



Gamer83 said:


Exactly, it's such a simple concept and I hope we never again have to explain it to one of the three console makers.



Slapshot said:

Now we get to see how badly these terrible anti-consumer policies that were very much on the table (and desired to be implemented) by Microsoft, hurt the sells of the Xbox One.

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