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Microsoft to REVERSE DRM policies, make Xbox One region free?

Posted by Ken Barnes

Looks likely.

UPDATE: Now for full story.

We're waiting on official confirmation, but Patrick Klepek over at the always-excellent Giant Bomb is reporting that "multiple sources" have informed him that the company is about to pull a complete reversal of their DRM policies with the Xbox One.

Of course, the policies are the main reason that everyone seems to despise the machine, months before its has even been released. To an extent, we predicted that this would happen. In a cat and mouse game with Sony, Microsoft made the mistake of running first, leaving the door open for Sony - who still have the ability to put DRM policies in place down the line, of course - to completely blow them away at E3.

As we say - Giant Bomb aren't the sort of site to go searching for hits on cheap stories (they don't need to) but even so, WE ARE STILL AWAITING OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION of all of this. Klepek suggests that:-

1) The requirement for the console to check in every 24 hours will be removed.
2) Any Xbox One game disc will work on the Xbox One, without needing license verification.
3) An internet connection will only be required when setting up the console.
4) Downloaded games will work both online and offline, and will function the same way in both cases.
5) No restrictions will be placed on trading or loaning games.
6) Region locking will be removed.

IF this turns out to be true, we wonder what will happen to the awesome Family Policy that allows users to share game libraries. We assume this will be removed. Again, we await confirmation.

The indication is that Microsoft have indeed listened to user feedback. However, very recently (no more than two days ago), they stated that they were fully behind the plans that they had in place for DRM, and wouldn't be turning back. Then again, just after the Xbox Reveal they were telling us that used games would need re licencing at the full RRP/SRP, before they went back on that. Someone needs to give Microsoft's PR a new set of hymn sheets, as they all seem to be singing from different ones.

We'll bring you more as/when/if it breaks.


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stylon said:

Awesome news - I'd already bitten the bullet and pre-ordered anyway but it did leave a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, which has now been rinsed away!

They've still got that price difference to work on though...

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