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Microsoft Removes DRM and Internet Check-Ins from Xbox One - CONFIRMED

Posted by Ken Barnes

Xbox One is now REGION FREE, too!

Following on from our previous story, Microsoft have confirmed via press release that they will be removing DRM, internet requirements, and region checking from the Xbox One.

The release, from Don Mattrick, states that the company has listened to user feedback, and has taken the following decisions:-

1) After a one-time system setup process with the new Xbox One, you can PLAY ANY DISC-BASED GAME WITHOUT EVER CONNECTING AGAIN. There's no 24-hour check in. Once that setup process is done, you can unplug the LAN cable or disconnect it from your wi-fi, and you're away.

2) You can TRADE-IN, RESELL, GIFT, AND RENT disc-based games in exactly the same way that you can today, with no requirement to remove or "untie" titles from your account. You can also download all titles from Xbox Live on the day of release. These downloaded games DO NOT require an internet connection (once downloaded, of course!) to play. To reiterate as clearly as we can, there will be NO LIMITATIONS ON USED GAMES.

3) There will be NO REGION RESTRICTIONS on the Xbox One. Any game from any region will play on any console.

But there are some caveats to this "Xbox 180", which may not please some.

The Family Policy that allowed up to ten people in your "family" to share games has been given the boot. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. If you want to lend someone a game, you give them the disc. This will be a big kick in the teeth given that it was a good idea - although not a financially sound one for the company, you'd imagine - but hey, you can't have everything.

Also, if you're playing a game that you've installed from disc, the disc has to be in the tray. Just in case you were wondering.

So, how do you like 'em now? Some innovation lost, but undoubtedly lots of people made happier. We'll take that.


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Vincent294 said:

This is overall better, but w/ 2 smaller flaws:

  • I'll have to switch discs again, which is a bit inconvenient.
  • A one-time connection to the internet is weird. Better than once-a-day, but why would it ever be necessary?


Gamer83 said:

The good news.... assuming MS doesn't decide to go back to the 24-hour check in crap I'll eventually be getting in Xbox One, probably whenever Halo 5 is out which I hope is before late 2015. Still going with PS4 first though because I like more of Sony's first party and frankly while MS did the smart thing I can't fully give credit because this nonsense never should've been thought up to begin with.



SuperKMx said:

@VincentV The reason for this is because the "offline mode" is made available via a launch day patch. So you have to get that as part of the system setup. Lots of these machines are already built and ready to go!



Gamer83 said:


For now, EA was definitely pulling some strings though, I'm sure that company is now hard at work trying to come up with another stupid scheme to get Sony and MS to buy into.



PS4 pre order cancelled - XBOX One day one edition pre ordered

Phew...quite a rollercoaster ride wasn't it?

Cue the cynical "price still too high", " what about the family sharing", "Kinect always on blah blah" nerd outpouring...



SuperKMx said:

@szchifo Yeah, that's already begun. Just deleted a stack of emails from the past hour pretty much solely about Kinect always being on.



Tasuki said:

Wow I would say I am surprised but I had a feeling that MS was going to go back on the internet connection and the used game policy. I was telling everyone that MS has plenty of time to change their minds and its good to see that they did. However I have to say the price is still an issue for me. As much as I like that MS listened to the people (though I am not sure if thats what they heard of if it was the sound of people putting money down on a PS4) I can't justify paying $100 more just for a motion control gimmick. Now if they would do a Kinect free package for the same price as a PS4 than I would be tempted to get the Xbox One on launch day. Still these changes pretty much means that at some point I will have an Xbox One next to my Wii U and PS4.



Tasuki said:

@SuperKMx: Yeah I read that article and honestly I cant blame them cause Kinect does make them alot of money. As I said I do plan on getting one at some time (no pun intended) but I still have my 360 to play MS games on for the time being but its been years since I have owned a PS.

Actually for me I am glad that it is $100 more with the Kinect if it wasn't that way right now I dont know what I would do to choose between the two systems.



Trikeboy said:

That must have been very embarrassing for Microsoft but major respect for them doing it. Despite what hardcore Xbox fans thought, Xbox One was not popular. Now it is a viable competitor with PS4. If they could remove Kinect (which they can't) to bring the price down a bit, then the buying war would be on a level playing field.



Knux said:

Very smart move, Microsoft. You should have never thought about pulling off this crap in the first place.



What most people aren't seeing is that average Joe prob didn't realise xbone had drm at all. Gamers 5 years in wont know about the xbox drm war...



Tasuki said:

@szchifo: I highly doubt that. I mean people who were around years ago for the New Coke still remember that debacle. I am sure that this one will stick around for awhile and will probably creepy when a new MS system comes out.

"Wow the new Xbox is coming out."

"Yeah I know hey remember when they tried to pull that DRM stuff way back when the Xbox One came out?"

Lol "Heck yeah and the online check in? I dont know what MS was thinking back than."



But most people didn't stop drinking coke because of the backtrack. You either drink it or you don't.
this will be forgotten when the games start flowing. Only needs will remember it as a negative. The rest of us will claim victory.



Tasuki said:

Well thats besides the point that people will be still buying the product. But I am sure that this wont be forgotten no matter how many good games start flowing. Besides in order to fix this problem they have to do it through an update, I am sure that in the back of many people's mind is well could they go back to the DRM and internet check in with an update just as easily.



Mr_Stuey said:

I think i must be in the minority and see this as a step backwards.
For me the DRM issue didn't bother me, my internet is 99% of the time okay and worst case i can always use my mobile tethering for a simple connection once every 24 hours.
Yes i can see the argument against it but like i said its not an issue for me.
What is an issue is what i now won't benefit from in regards to having to purchase one game for my family instead of two copies. ( With children who do play co-op this was a major selling point in our family purchasing a 2nd console when they price dropped )

I really did think that given the chance the XboxOne digital store would result in cheaper games and more flexibility in how i play them. I use iTunes, Google Play Books, Kindle and Steam all which offer me discounted digital content. I really now can't see XboxOne offering cheaper digital content which i wanted.



Vincent294 said:

@Mr_Stuey I see your point,but for those who buy used games & have lots of friends to lend games too, this was a bad thing. The family policy was in a way, a good thing among the lousy online policy. Who did that benefit? It wouldn't have affected me either, but some would be alienated from using an Xbox One.



Mr_Stuey said:

@VincentV Don't get me wrong i have bought a lot of used games for all my consoles. I fully understand the anti-DRM campaign, it was just something i would have tolerated for cheaper digital games.
I don't know anyone who doesn't have an interent connection in their house the XboxOne couldn't connect to via Wi-Fi and failing that a simple mobile check in through phone tethering. It was the only way they could do it to bring the retail discs under the same check as digital.
I think lots and lots of people would have benefited from cheaper digital distributed games. Lots of very good games slipped under peoples radar that didn't sell very well in store but could be advertised in sales and specials just like Steam does now, this surely would have been a good thing ? Everyone loves a cheap game?
It's not going to happen this generation now so its all water under the bridge, it will happen though in the future.

<EDIT>, Also the fact i have to have a disc sat in my tray is royal pain. Especially with the 360's failure rate. I have 3 consoles in my house. One has had a replacement drive, the other needs gentle persuasion to open the tray and my new S model wont open the drive while standing up.

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