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We've had the reveal event. We've had the policy confirmation. We've heard the buildup and debunked the rumours. Now, it's time to find out exactly what Microsoft are bringing us in terms of games on Xbox One. The company is due to show off at least 20 titles during their press conference at E3 2013, which will kick off at around 5:30pm BST today (June 10th.)

Join us in the liveblog below, or drop us a message on Twitter, where we'll be fielding your questions.

And that's all she wrote!

We're all done here with the liveblog, but we'll be catching up with all the E3 conferences as the show progresses. Thanks for joining us!

Titanfall is coming to Xbox One in Spring 2014 and is exclusive.

...and eject from them in order to get the jump on opponents. VERY cool looking.

Titanfall looks very nice - not third-person as we mentioned, actually first-person. Players can jump into massive mechs in order to carry on the destruction.

TITANFALL coming to Xbox One

New title from Respawn Entertainment. Third-person shooter - looks suitably shiny. Nolan North-esque vocal track throughout.

"Day One Edition" of Xbox One will be available

No mention of what it is from the stage...

499 Euros in Europe, £429 in the UK

The UK price was met with some sharp gasps

Halo runs at 60fps, features dedicated servers.

Developed by 343 Industries, as you'd expect. Bonnie Ross is now onstage to talk about the game.

Trailer of an encloaked person wandering through a desert - very nice looking...

Microsoft investing in five new studios to develop titles for Xbox One. "Black Tusk" is the first - now showing some in-engine work that looks shiny - plenty of neon. More to come later, we're told.

Interesting looking indie-style title running now. Featuring "Rogue-like" gameplay. The title is Below. Intriguing.

Phil Spencer back on stage...

Its hardly groundbreaking, but Battlefield 4 sure looks the business. Very atmospheric.

It was worth the wait. Battlefield 4 looks mightily impressive.

Here we go...the game is rolling

Hang on....Soderlund's he's back....

Absolutely nothing is happening. Battlefield 4 is coming FIRST to Xbox One. Patrick Soderlund is doing well to deal with the heckling while we wait.

Looks like the Battlefield 4 demo has...crashed.

Not yet though. EA and Dice on stage to talk about Frostbite 3 on Xbox One - Battlefield 4 game footage running at 60fps.

You kind of sense that something epic is on the way...

(which we kindof knew already) - Completely free-roaming, 100 hours of gameplay, SmartGlass support...

DR3 is available "this holiday" EXCLUSIVELY for Xbox One

Dead Rising 3 features SmartGlass support too - the demonstrator called in an artillery strike using his mobile device. Cool!

Dead Rising 3 now features driving - speeding through zombies looks fun!

Just. So. Many. Zombies. Hundreds of the things, all on screen at once.

The sound has died on stage at the conference. Oh dear.

CRIMSON DRAGON is exclusive to Xbox One

Game from the creator of Phantom Dust and Panzer Dragoon - we've been waiting AGES for this one.

ANYONE in your house can share your Xbox Live Gold account

Even allowing them to play multiplayer games when you aren't signed in.

Local currency confirmed - no more Microsoft Points.

All you do, is say "Xbox Broadcast" and you're broadcasting, with Twitch docked to the side of the screen, showing comments and other Twitch-related information.

More Killer Instinct footage as two players play against each other on stage. After the match, one player says "Xbox Upload Studio", records commentary with Kinect, applies a skin to his video, and uploads the video. The resulting footage looks very cool.

The SmartGlass features look cool. You can check DVR recordings from your friends, see how far your friends are through the game, etc. Using "SmartMatch", you can play the game while your next match is being set up in ANOTHER game.

SmartGlass on Xbox One being shown alongside Ryse

Using Project Spark, some developers have had a go at creating games...there are a lot of very nice looking little pieces here. Clones of other games mainly - Angry Birds, for example - but you never know. It could become a platform in itself.

There are some impressive features here - it's a blank canvas for creating stories and games. Could be fun.

Not the game, but the presentation. "Good moves, rock dude!"

Oh dear. A rock is created as a friend, and we get "Come on buddy, let's rock and roll." This is very, very wooden.

Dave McCarthy of Microsoft Studios is on stage to talk about Project Spark....which is a videogame creation package. You can sculpt items using SmartGlass - a little Populous-esque.

D4 announced for Xbox One

From director episodic title. Combining art, science and magic...

Quantum Break looks very nice, as you'd expect.

Time for some realtime in-game footage.

Quantum Break from Remedy is up next - Sam Lake of Remedy takes the stage.

Featuring bigger maps...nice!

Where are all the ducks?

Calamity Phil is on stage to chat about development

Forza 5 will feature an always-learning "driveatar" that races for you when you're offline. It'll replace AI in single-player races, so you never race the CPU again.

Those McLaren P1s we saw of them is on stage, and they'll be playable in Forza 5.

McLaren video roll running now - promoting Forza 5?

Sunset Overdrive looks very slick - shooter

Ted Price is out to talk about a new franchise: Sunset Overdrive - coming to Xbox One

Here comes Cevat Yeril from Crytek to chat a bit about Ryse

And it looks to be Kinect-free at this point.

Make no mistake, it looks like all that development time has gone to good use.

Ryse looks suitably brutal.


SuperKMx said:

...and it is. Wow.


SuperKMx said:

if this is in game, then this is SHINY

And rounding out the Xbox 360 section of the show, we have Dark Souls 2 from Namco Bandai.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood confirmed for Xbox 360

Developed by Press Play. Platform action ahoy!

World of Tanks confirmed for Xbox 360

First ever console appearance.

Xbox Live Gold members to get TWO GAMES PER MONTH for free

Assassin's Creed 2 and Halo 3 mentioned to be covered in the next few months

New Xbox 360 Console to be released, based on Xbox One design

Available in stores NOW! Smaller, sleeker, based on the Xbox One design. Wow!

15 next-generation titles to be uncovered today, but we're starting with Xbox 360 now.

Open world Metal Gear, with realistic passage of time, set in Afghanistan - looks very pretty. Timing by Seiko (not kidding).

Thirty seconds to go

The conference has been delayed a little..still waiting for people to take their seats.

Kinect Sports Rivals coming to Xbox One in NOVEMBER

That's the launch window narrowed down...

Summer of Arcade Content Confirmed

Charlie Murder, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and the much-awaited HD remake of Flashback.

Microsoft confirms "20-ish" games to be shown during the conference. People will be surprised from "minute one" as it features a "great asset from a great partner" - Phil Spencer.

27 minutes and counting...

In case you weren't sure what we meant...

So, what do we think of Microsoft's official E3 slogan: "All in One. Input One." - Anyone have an idea of what they were going for, there?

The doors are open! People are heading into the Galen Center as we speak...

Welcome to E3!

The Microsoft Xbox press conference kicks off in an hour. This is the scene from the front row, snapped by our good friend Escoblades...