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Fable HD Teased for Xbox 360

Posted by Ken Barnes

Or that's what we think, anyway.

Lionhead Studios has started to make a few waves regarding the possibility of a HD remake of the original Fable.

Yesterday, the company set up a new discussion forum on their site specifically for Fable, and posted a teaser trailer that kicks off with a bunch of simulated users asking the company when the game is going to be remade in HD, along with The Lost Chapters expansion. A brief announcement that "Jack of Blades is back" follows, with the whole thing being topped off with the Xbox 360 signoff bumper.

So its safe to assume that this is an Xbox 360 release, although rumours are running wild that the company may be looking to show off Fable IV for the Xbox One during Microsoft's E3 press event on the 10th of June.

We'll bring you all the action as it happens.

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shingi_70 said:

Nice it would be awesome to have every game game in the series without having to go into Xbox 1 mode to play them. I'm thinking were going to see a lot of this for the 360 at E3,

Fable HD
Halo 2 HD

Edit: It also says a lot about people's predisposition to hate when they don't even watch the whole teaser to see its for 360 not one, or complaining Microsoft like Nintendo rebuilds the game from ground up instead of HD remasters like Sony.

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