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E3 2013: Xbox One Headset Images Emerge

Posted by Ken Barnes

Meet the new headset. Same as the old headset.

Microsoft has released the first images of the official Xbox One Chat Headset that will come bundled with your Xbox One console. Also, the first images of the Play 'N Charge kit have surfaced, too.

We know, exciting, huh? Some folks will be interested, and that's why we're posting it. As far as the headset goes, it looks a little comfier, and like it has a wider band so that it doesn't cut into your dome like the old one did.

You've also got inline (well, right next to the connector, but still technically inline) controls for muting the mic, and changing volume - always a nice touch.

With any luck, this one will be a little more hard-wearing, too.

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Mr_Stuey said:

I have read reports stating that no headset comes with the XboxOne ? Surely this cant be correct ? I really dont want to listen to peoples game sound and chat coming through from their connect mic ?

Also reports saying that exising accesories don't work with Xbox One, including headsets.

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