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E3 2013: South Park is Not Dead

Posted by Ken Barnes

Ubisoft to the rescue.

When THQ went belly-up last year, a fair few titles died and went to videogame heaven. One of the ones we were hoping had survived was Obsidian's take on the South Park universe - which looked pretty darned sharp. After having heard nothing about it for months, the game suddenly popped up at Ubisoft's presser, confirming that they had picked up publishing rights. The game's health is indeed super, thanks for asking.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is on course for a 2013 release on Xbox 360, and a "re-announcement" trailer of sorts has been sent our way. We think that the October 27th date that we've heard still holds water, but we'll bring you confirmation as we get it.

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Gamer83 said:

I'm a big South Park fan but if this is still turn based unfortunately I will be skipping this one. I just loathe that style of gameplay.

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