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E3 2013: Sony Unveils PS4 Design

Posted by Ken Barnes

Seeing double?

At their E3 2013 press conference, Sony marked their entry into the next generation by unveiling the PlayStation 4 hardware design.

Initial comments on the social networks suggest that it looks a tad like the Xbox One design that people don't appear to be particularly fond of. Others have rushed to the system's defence.

A sort of parallelogram-shaped black device that appears to be designed to either stand on its end, or lay flat, the system certainly looks distinctive to us. And no, that isn't a sly dig at the machine. You may think that we're raving fanboys here, but that's far from the case. Everyone on the Pure Xbox staff is a gamer first, and we'll blatantly all end up slipping both consoles into our entertainment centres.

For comparison's sake, we've loaded up an image of each machine, so you can compare and let us know what you think.

Which console design do you prefer? (11 votes)

Xbox One


PlayStation 4


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Tasuki said:

They may look similar but Sony has the advantage here. The price the used game policy and the online check in. Sorry MS you lose this gen.



hydeks said:

PS4 or Xbox One...I choose...Wii U, it's the nicest looking console so far. I made fun of the One design alot, but I think I like it slightly better than the PS4. I'm not digging the slant, either.



Gamer83 said:

I've got to second what @szchifo posted. I'll give both systems this, the designs are better than the original PS3 design, however, the PS3 Slim, and 360S are much cooler looking. Fortunately, that has little bearing on the games and each have games I'm looking forward to. Now if MS would just back off from certain policies.



DarkNinja9 said:

heres how i see the ps4


there both square-ish and ugly anyway but i agree what happen to a "none" option :(



SilentMark said:

I personally find the Xbox more aesthetically pleasing. Not really much in it though to be fair.



£349 or £429

No DRM or Loads of DRM

Use console whenever I want or becomes brick after 24 hrs with no internet.

I could go on....

I loathe to say it but Sony has won E3 at a canter.

Microsoft has been nothing short of a shambles and produced almost EVERYTHING consumer DIDNT want.

Make no mistake, this ridiculous price and the fact trading game is gonna be so hard mean this is a rich mans toy.
Kids wont be getting this for Christmas unless their parent are on huge salaries or they remortgage their house.
This gen has only changed one thing for me - its shifted the console out of peoples living rooms and onto their credits cards.



Luvbeers said:

I like the Xbox look better and I believe in the long run it will be the better console, but I am almost certainly getting a PS4 with no region locking in the USA when I am there for xmas and pick up an Xbox One later next year with a game bundle or price reduction. (I wonder if you can buy, sell, trade used Xbox One consoles?)



@SuperKMx I don't have any thoughts cos theyre both the bleeding same...was that not evident from the lack of thoughts in my post?



SuperKMx said:

@szchifo Not particularly. Was just wondering why you'd choose this of all posts to start trolling about the Xbox One (again.)



hamispink said:

I actually quite like the PS4 design. It's the best looking Playstation device in my opinion. I also like the Xbox One design, but I feel like it is a little too boxy.

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