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E3 2013: Killer Instinct is Back

Posted by Dave Letcavage

C-c-c-coming exclusively to Xbox One

Guess what guys? It looks as if the "historic franchise" that Double Helix is bringing to Xbox One is, in fact, Killer Instinct.

Revealed in a teaser trailer during the Microsoft press briefing, the video of Killer Instinct showcased many of the series favorite characters deep in combat, each brought to life in impressive high-definition detail. There isn't much information available at the moment, so stay tuned to Pure Xbox for more in the future.

We're immensely excited about this announcement, how about you?!

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Tasuki said:

Very excited. This alone might cause me to pick up the Xbox One. I hope this means they will release the first two on XBLA.



hYdeks said:

Excited over a super dead franchise that Nintendo fans barely care about? Nope, not really. you can have it, I barely cared about Killer Instinct when it was actually something, 17 years ago



tabris95 said:

Wow. Disappointed. Now is just not a good time to bring back a nearly dead fighting franchise. There's been so many quality releases in the genre lately that we just don't need more. Literally any of their IPs would have been better in my opinion. Battle Toads reboot anyone?



holchasaur said:

@tabris95 I would've preferred Battletoads over all else, and I completely understand what you're saying about the resurgence of the genre, but regardless, I'm so stoked for this.



KongFu said:

I am super excited. The Nintendo versions were legendary. M$ got me back. Never the less I am curious about the actual quality of the game. Rare's last tries to relive their past glories weren't as good as their Nintendo efforts. I did not hear that much about Rare in the last couple of months. So I am sure they will come up with something...

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