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Your New Xbox One Controller Will Last a Decade

Posted by Ken Barnes

Possibly even longer.

In an interview with PocketLint, Microsoft's accessories and hardware manager Bob Brown has been giving details of the sorts of testing that new controller designs go through.

The new Xbox One controller has been in testing for some six months, in order to ensure that it can stand up to the rigours of day-to-day gaming. "Each button gets pressed over and over, between 4-5 times a second" confirmed Bob, with those tests continuing until the controller has had each button hammered over 2 million times. The controllers are hooked up to a monitor which keeps track of the signals being sent via each button press, to ensure that there's no crosstalk, and that the expected input it is sent from the button to your console.

On top of that, slow-motion video is used as a part of shock and drop testing, so that Microsoft can check out shock and impact points in order to make sure that the controller's insides are protected. The latest load of controllers are running up to 3 million button presses apiece, which is effectively enough to make them last for more than 10 years under normal use.

Impressive, but we're hoping that the old shock and drop testing tries to account for when we lob our controllers across the room after someone scores a lucky last-minute equaliser in FIFA Ultimate Team.


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AVahne said:

Will it survive being thrown out the window? All game pads needs to be tested for window-drop survivability.

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