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Xbox Reveal: Skype on Xbox One

Posted by Dave Letcavage

HD video calling from the comfort of your couch

During the unveiling ceremony for the Xbox One, Yusuf Mehdi today announced that Skype would be making its way to Microsoft’s upcoming home console. Much like the way fantasy-sports stats can be accessed in a sidebar without interrupting your current media – this was referred to as “snap mode” – Skype appeared to function similarly. To demonstrate how it works, Mehdi was watching a movie when he received a incoming video call from a friend via Skype that popped up on the right side of the television screen. To answer and discontinue the call he simply communicated verbally with the Kinect device all while leaving the movie running unaffected.

There were also brief mentions of Skype performing in widescreen HD, and being the only way to get group video calls on a television, but unfortunately there was no demonstration of either of those features.

So what do you think? Do those of you living miles away from your family see this as a major selling point?

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SuperKMx said:

I think this looks cool, if I'm honest. The Wii U chat thing was horrendous when I tried it here, and Skype on my PC means I have to shuffle my laptop to be in front of me instead of to the side (I have a bigger work screen, which my laptop plugs into, which doesn't have a camera) - so this will be real handy.

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