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Xbox One HDD Size Confirmed

Posted by Ken Barnes

Non-removable, but you can add more.

Engadget are reporting this morning that Microsoft's Albert Penello has confirmed some of the specifications of the storage contained within the Xbox One.

The system will ship with a non-removable, non-replaceable 500GB HDD, although external storage devices can be added via one of the machine's three USB 3.0 ports. Those external devices will be able to store ALL content supported by the built-in HDD, including downloaded software, installed games, and game saves.

Given that each game will require installation, and that each game will be provided on a Blu-Ray disc, 500GB might seem a little low to some. But, it depends on how game data is compressed and stored and, of course, we've no doubt that Microsoft themselves will bring out larger HDDs to be connected externally within due course. Failing that, there are a million external drives on the market that support USB 3.0.


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Qeuix said:

I wish the HDD was bigger, but I don't know if I do want a Xbox One. Edit: This is the first time I have posted on all 3 sites.

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