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Rumour: Next Xbox to be Called Xbox Fusion

Posted by Ken Barnes

Domain name registrations point towards it.

The bloodhounds over at domain-watchers Fusible have spotted something that could point toward the name of the next Xbox, which is due to revealed on May 21st.

Back in June 2012, Microsoft registered the phrase "Fusion" as a trademark, along with two related marks. Now, it seems that they've snapped up every conceivable international domain for the term "XboxFusion." They now own, as well as the .info, .biz,, .no, .de, and several other versions of that name.

Rumours have also circulated about the machine being called Xbox 720, Xbox Gold, and Xbox Next. Microsoft does indeed own and, but those could feasibly be used for other things.

As it stands, our money is on Xbox Fusion being the name of the next machine, for several reasons. Firstly, the word "fusion" can be represented by the infinity symbol, which has swooping lines that aren't a million miles away from the Kinect branding. Secondly, "fusion" would be a decent way of describing a next-generation machine that comes with an additional peripheral (Kinect 2.0) in the box, and that can be linked to a third device - the rumoured backward-compatibility-enabling Xbox Mini.

So, what do you think?


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Tasuki said:

I like the name alot. It sounds like a next gen console name. I hope that this is indeed the name rather than the rumored Xbox name.



Luvbeers said:

I just want the bloody thing to play GTAV. I don't care if they have to delay the game to release it on the NextGen consoles, I am going to be pissed if I have to play a visually dumbed down game like Bioshock.

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