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Rumour Debunked: New Sonic in Development

Posted by Ken Barnes

Shot down.

Our good chums over at Nintendo Life have dug up a bit of tasty information via NeoGAF, that suggests that a new Sonic the Hedgehog title is in development at Sega (as you'd expect), but that itwill be heading to Microsoft's next-generation Xbox, as well as the Xbox 360.

The new game - allegedly entitled "Sonic Excursion" - is apparently a lot closer to the 16-bit originals than recent efforts, and will include the often-maligned Miles "Tails" Prower as the sidekick. Knuckles, Eggman (Dr. Robotnik) and Amy Rose will play their part, alongside others, as the dynamic duo explore the wild cityscapes of the Sonic universe, utilising each other's special abilities to bypass otherwise unpassable terrain.

This is very much a rumour at this point in time - from an allegedly somewhat shaky source, at that - but Sega will undoubtedly unveil whatever Sonic title they're working on at E3, so keep your eyes fixed here and we'll bring you the full skinny as soon as we have it.

UPDATE: 02/05/2013 - We all appear to have been taken in by a cheeky little tyke over this one. We mark stories that are rumours quite clearly as exactly that, and for this reason. This rumour is debunked here. We're relatively sure that a new Sonic game is coming, but it won't be "Sonic Excursion" and nothing is confirmed as yet.


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