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Rare Bringing "Historic Franchise" to E3

Posted by Dave Letcavage

A Rare return to form?

Way back in 2002, Microsoft acquired developer Rare from Nintendo and brought beloved series such as Conker, Perfect Dark, and Banjo-Kazooie to the Xbox and Xbox 360. Since then, they've mostly been developing Kinect-based titles and neglecting all of that juicy IP that fans have been clamoring for. Well, it looks as if the fans may have finally been heard.

Polygon is reporting that Microsoft's corporate vice president Phil Spencer made mention that Rare may be showing off a "historic IP'" for Xbox One at E3.

"Fans of Rare and Rare IP I think will be pleased with what we're going to show at E3," Spencer said. "We had a limited amount of time today and a lot of story to tell. But Rare remains an incredibly important part of our development capability.

"That historic IP that they've built I think can play a real important role on Xbox One."

What classic Rare series would you like to see make a comeback on the Xbox One? The combo-tastic Killer Instinct (whose trademark was renewed in September 2012), the loveable Banjo-Kazooie? Or what about something more obscure like Jet Force Gemini? E3 just got even more exciting and we can't wait to hear what the legendary developer may be working on.


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XD375 said:

It's most likely Killer Instinct, but I'd love to see a Banjo-Kazooie game that lives up to its own potential. I wouldn't object to a good Perfect Dark, or even a new Ghoulies game.



Tasuki said:

Oh man I would love a new KI game. It would be great to hear that familiar CCCCCOMBO BREAKER again.



hYdeks said:

At this point, Rare has zero credibility. Bring whatever you want back, but without Nintendo helping Rare out, all there games seem to be ****.

I guess if I wanted a historic game to come back from them, it would be Battletoads, I miss those guys.



Trikeboy said:

Rare isn't a big name anymore. All the talent has long since left the company. If it is Killer Instinct, you can bet it will be a Kinect game where you fight for your character. Every time Rare has brought a former Nintendo franchise to Xbox, the resulting game was just terrible.



Trikeboy said:

@Sony_70 I can understand liking Nut's and Bolts but when you compare it to what Banjo Kazooie used to be on the Nintendo 64 it was just a shadow of it's former self.



shingi_70 said:


Which doesn't make it a bad game at all just different. With that Logic Mario Kart 7 is bad because double dash was so awesome.



Trikeboy said:

@Sony_70 Yes but Nut's and Bolts was supposed to be Banjo Threeie. They changed it around and stripped everything out and then released something that fans were really not expecting.



XD375 said:

Most of Rare's N64 games probably would have been hated if they were released on Xbox 360. Likewise, Kameo and Viva Piñata would have been considered classics had Rare released them on the N64.

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