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Need For Speed: Rivals Racing to Xbox 360, Xbox One This Year

Posted by Ken Barnes

Tearing up the track.

EA has confirmed that they'll be releasing the next entry in the Need For Speed series on November 19th for Xbox 360, and that they're also bringing it to Xbox One.

Need For Speed: Rivals allows you to play either as a racer or a cop, and seemlessly transition between single player, co-op, and other multiplayer modes. In development with Ghost Games, the title rewards you for evading the police by providing unlocks of new cars and vehicles, with the rewards building up as you evade more and more. If you're busted though, you lose the lot.

On the police side, more powerful cars and technology is rewarded, based on how many racers you bust.

It sounds like a good way to follow up on the excellent Need For Speed: Most Wanted, and the official development team on the game is listed as "Ghost Games in association with Criterion Games." Depending on how deep that association goes, this could go either way. Hopefully it won't end up like Need For Speed: The Run.

The game launches on November 19th as we say. Is that an indicator as to a possible Xbox One launch date? Hmm...

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SuperKMx said:

@Sony_70 Oh, I don't know. I really enjoyed the two Criterion-developed Need For Speed games. Just good arcade-style fun, as opposed to the sim-ness of Forza. :)

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