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Amazon UK Prices Xbox One at £599

Posted by Ken Barnes


The headline very much says it all, but Amazon UK have set a placeholder price on the Xbox One of a somewhat unrealistic £599.99.

Amazon makes it very clear on the page that the final price has not been confirmed, and that if you preorder now and the price goes down before launch - which it will - you'll pay the lower price.

As it stands, they're right in saying that the official price is absolutely and entirely unconfirmed. The general consensus suggests that the final price will end up being around the £399.99 mark.

We're just putting this article in place so you know where the false information came from when someone you know shouts "I'm not ordering an Xbox One - they're going to be £600!" The more you know, and all that.

(Also take note that Amazon have put a placeholder price of £599.99 on the PS4, as well.)


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hydeks said:

wow, they think the system will cost like $900?!? Nuts, I would guess the final price to be around $549.99 (362.24 Pounds) so yay, the 399 mark people guessed seems more accurate :P



Flashman said:

@hydeks the Xbox 360 on retails at $189 yet on it retails for £189. How you figure out that if the Xbox One final price is $549 then it would translate into £362.24 in the UK. If its $549 in the US then brace yourself for a £500+ price tag!



Gamer83 said:

Well, we all knew these new consoles wouldn't be cheap. I'm interested to see how well each will perform at retail in this still not-so-good economy.



hydeks said:

@Flashman the xbox 360 retails for $199 for the useless peice of sh** 4gb model, guess how useful that system is. The REAL Xbox 360 with 250GB retails for $299.99, and hell, if you go with the 4gb with Kinect, your paying $299. Look at the spec difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One, now add Kinect 2 to that price, it's gonna be about $499-$550 if there generous. Look up your facts next time before you try to flame me.

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