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Xbox 720 Reveal Happening on May 21st?

Posted by Ken Barnes

It's coming...

Originally, Microsoft had planned to unveil the next generation of Xbox hardware at the end of April, as we reported.

Now though, it seems that there's a growing rumour (which has some merit to it) that suggests that the unveiling will occur on May 21st.

Veteran tech blogger Paul Thurrott, speaking on the What The Tech podcast has spilled a whole ton of beans on the next generation device. At one point - and this is all based on his claims - a second device code-named "Yumo" was also being developed alongside the "Durango" device, but this has since been scrapped. The Yumo machine was supposed to be a disc-less version of the next-generation machine.

According to Thurrott, the machine will launch in the $500 price window, with a $300 subscription-based deal also being available, and the device WILL require an internet connection for use. Now then. This could be a caveat of the subscription-based machine, but not necessarily of the full-price standard retail box. Our theory is that to confirm that a user's subscription is active and not in arrears, a subscription-based device would need an internet connection. Again, nothing has been confirmed as yet.

The machine will supposedly launch in early November this year - in the US and UK at least - and there will be other events dotted between E3 and the release date that show off the hardware and software in more detail.

And the name of the new machine? Well, apparently it's just going to be called "Xbox". No "720". "no "Next". Just "Xbox."

Update: We're hearing that some notable Xbox ambassadors are mentioning that they have had travel plans confirmed for the May 21st date by Microsoft. We are actively seeking confirmation that this is the case.

Update #2: The Verge's Tom Warren also states that "we understand that this date is accurate."


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Tasuki said:

Um yeah calling it the just Xbox is going to cause confusion just like calling the Wii U the Wii U. People who are not gamers are going to get totally confused. I can just see it now some kid asks for an Xbox for Christmas only to unwrap the original Xbox because his parents got confused.

As for the price at least its not as bad as what people are saying about PS4 still I dont like that always connected feature. I will just have to wait and see.



Gamer83 said:

I think these companies are insane if they're going to charge $500. I get that the PS4 is a beast and the new Xbox likely will be as well but $500 in this economy is just not going to sell. The $300 subscription based sku seems like a good idea on paper but I'd have to see how it's put into action to say if it actually is a good plan or not. I just want MS to tell us about the system already, I need to decide if I'm going with Xbox or PS4 first. As I have posted on other articles about these rumors, if the always-on thing is true, it will make the decision much easier, I will not be buying the next Xbox at all. I love the Halo franchise so I'm hoping these rumors prove to be false.



hamispink said:

I'm wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft pushed a subscription model like what they have done with the $99 Xbox 360. Assuming it is the same $15 a month for two years, the system would end up costing $660, which Microsoft would be glad to sell. As for a $500 base price, that makes me worried. If the Xbox, with reportedly lesser specs that the PS4 costs that much, what hope is there for a $400 PS4 SKU?

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