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Rumour: Forza and Ryse to Launch With 720

Posted by Ken Barnes

It isn't dead!

Those busy bunnies over at The Verge are making some more bold claims today, with the latest being that "multiple sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans" have confirmed that the next-generation Xbox will launch with Ryse - the Kinect-enabled title first-person brawler from Crytek that was first announced in the same week that Julius Ceasar died - and a new "super life-like" entry in the Forza Motorsport series.

Also on offer will be a handful of FPS titles (shocker, huh?), a zombie game, and a family game that's set on an island - which apparently contains "Pixar movie quality" visuals.

If true, then Forza will help to shift a LOT of consoles on day one. And how about Ryse? Rising from what we all thought was the developmental graveyard to have another shot at things. We'll undoubtedly see if this news comes to fruition when Microsoft shows off the new machine, hopefully in May.


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shingi_70 said:

Its funny seeing all of the reactions on Gaf about this being crap and judging not only on rumors but the vaguest ones like Zombie game or Kid friendly that uses Kinect.
Anywho I;m guessing

Zombie Game= Alan Wake 2 (any person who isn't a big gamer could mistake the taken for zombies) or Black Tusk's game.

Ryse- I hope it isn't Kinect only and is more like Fallout in Roman days or closer to the Orginal pitch for that High Voltage software Gladiator game.

Forza- Its forza and a racing game is pretty much a lock for launch. Hope its actually new PGR.

Kid friendly game is defantily going to e some sort of Banjo esque Platformer/Mini game collection featuring Avatars.

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