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Out Today: Sacred Citadel

Posted by Ken Barnes

Side-scroller heads up Wednesday's action.

Wednesday has come around once again, as it has a habit of doing at least once every week, and that means that it's Xbox Live Arcade release day.

It isn't the only release day this week, as Atlus' God Mode is due to hit the servers on Friday. Today though, you can pick up...

Sacred Citadel (1200 MSP)
A highly-stylized side-scroller from Southend Interactive, Sacred Citadel tasks you to prove yourself as a warrior as you attempt to restore peace to the previously peaceful land of Ancaria. Featuring plenty of butt-kicking, a range of mounts and vehicles, and 3-player co-op, Sacred Citadel is enticing at the very least. Can it live up to its 1200 MSP price point?

We quite fancy this, mainly because we've been gasping for a decent bit of side-scrolling co-op action since Double Dragon NEON. Are you a buyer?

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