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Microsoft Studios' Creative Director Defends 'Always-Online' Xbox

Posted by Jordan Marsden

"Deal with it!"

It seems like Adam Orth, creative director of Microsoft Studios, has caused quite a furor with his recent comments regarding Durango's 'always-online' future, following a number of negative reactions to the prospect.

Evidence is continuing to mount regarding the successor to the Xbox 360 requiring a constant internet connection in order to function, and rumours suggest that the system may even suspend games and applications while a connection is not present.

In a back and forth with BioWare's Manheer Heir, Orth downplayed the drama surrounding 'always-on' and called for Heir and frustrated gamers to "deal with it"...

#dealwithit is currently the top trending topic on Twitter, and Orth has now protected his tweets. Any publicity is good publicity... Right?

So, what are your opinions on the proposed 'always-online' future for the next Xbox? Sound off in the comments below...


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hamispink said:

I'm still interested in the Next Xbox until they officially announce that it requires a constant internet connection. Doing so would be brand suicide in my opinion.

also, when did Kinectaku make the change to purexbox? I'll be sure to check in from time to time



FullbringIchigo said:

while i'm still interested in the next xbox i really hope this rumour isn't true we don't get that good of a internet connection where we are and a system like this just wont work for me

MS need to either confirm or deny this NOW and not wait until their xbox meeting because everyday this rumour is allowed to live is damaging them

and also Orth's attitude on this matter has been atrocious "deal with it" he may have just as well said f**k you to everyone



Gamer83 said:

I honestly want to be excited for this system but always-on is a deal breaker for me, it's just not a practice I will support, and while I'm aware things are just rumors right now I believe if this weren't true MS would've denied it by now. It's also outrageous that they let this a-hole act like this. If it were me, ties would be cut with him immediately but that's not how MS operates these days. Anybody who's friendly and knows about the game industry like Peter Moore or Shane Kim is kicked to curve in favor of people like this clown and that unbelievable idiot Phil Spencer.



hYdeks said:

saves up money for either a PS4 or Wii U Deal with it...

Microsoft people need to stop doing this kinda stuff, it just makes people not want to support them. I miss the original Xbox, the child of Seamus Blackley, it was a great system. Now-a-days, even Seamus admits he hates what Xbox has become. Kinda sad

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