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L.A. Noire Developer In Trouble

Posted by Ken Barnes

Next-gen title Whore of The Orient put on hold.

The development team behind the excellent L.A. Noire have faced a round of layoffs, due to significant financial troubles, Twitter sleuth Superannuation has reported

A number of Team Bondi's staff has been let go, and the company's forthcoming open-world title for next-gen systems - Whore of The Orient - has been put on hold for the time being. A sequel to L.A. Noire was rumoured to be on the cards in the future, too. Apparently, Warner Bros. were lined up to publish the game, but pulled out of the deal at some point before Christmas. Since then, the company have been struggling to find a new publisher for the title, and this has led to some financial strain.


As far as we understand the company is indeed still open, but how many people remain employed, or whether the search for a new publisher is ongoing, is unknown.

We'll keep you posted, but at this time, everyone here at Pure Xbox would like to wish the crew at Team Bondi, especially those who find themselves without jobs this morning, the best of luck for the future. We're rooting for you, guys.


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Tasuki said:

Wow it is always sad to here when someone loses a job. My thoughts go out to the ones who did. I dont know why LA Noire was received so poorly I rather enjoyed the game.

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