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First FIFA 14 Details, Trailers and Screenshots

Posted by Ken Barnes

No next-gen confirmation, yet.

After a whole bunch of hinting over the weekend, EA Sports has finally confirmed some concrete FIFA 14 details, along with a bunch of screenshots and a pair of new trailers.

The first major innovation this time around involves the physics of the ball, which EA Vancouver say that they found to be incorrect in last year's edition. After studying the way that a football drags, spins, and travels through the air, the developers found that they could use a non-linear drag coefficent, as opposed to a linear one, in order to make things more realistic. Yes, we've heard it all before, most notably when they said that the ball would be affected by factors such as air pressure in the stadium back in FIFA 07, but this time, they've produced a trailer to prove that they're not just blowing smoke.

Following up from that, we've got what EA are calling "Pure Shot Shooting", which gives players the chance to adjust their stride and angle when heading towards goal. It also affords the ability to take a shot when off-balance or when under pressure more convincingly.

Also on offer this year is a new career mode interface, which seems to follow the layout of last year's Ultimate Team layout, as well as the ability to control the pace of a player who is currently in "protect the ball" mode. Pressing the left trigger slows him down to allow him to drag the ball inside or try to face off against an onrushing defender, while hitting the right trigger carries him into full sprint mode as it always did. This should make for more interesting battles down the wing. Checked runs from forwards, more intelligent defence that tries to protect against shooting opportunities, and the usual wave of data updates are also on offer.

FIFA 14 has been confirmed as an Xbox 360 title - as you'd expect - but nothing has been mentioned at all about any of the next-generation platforms, or Wii U. We're as sure as we can be that we'll be seeing this one on the shelves as an Xbox 720 launch title, but whether or not it'll be a genuinely upgraded version of the 360 edition is anybody's guess. After seeing what happened with FIFA 13 on Wii U (which was FIFA 12 with a new logo), all bets are off.

FIFA 14 will be released in the autumn.

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