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Could This Be The Next Xbox's Logo?

Posted by Ken Barnes

Back to basics?

In confirming that the next Xbox will be revealed on May 21st, Microsoft may have given us a clue as to what the machine will be called, and what the new logo will look like.

On the official invite to the event, the company uses what initally looks like a standard Xbox brand logo, which on further inspection, appears to have been made crisper and more simple. Gone are the heavy 3D effects on the "ball" icon, replaced with a simpler, less harsh bit of shading. Gone is the mixed green and white text, replaced with a simple, white "Xbox" mark.

We may be clutching at straws, but the rumours have persisted for a while that Microsoft has decided to follow the way of the iPad, and have called the next console simply "Xbox."

We'll find out more when the console is revealed on May 21st.

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Tasuki said:

I hope they dont call it just Xbox, talk about confusion. I mean critics said that consumers would be confused with the Wii U name I would love to hear what they think about this one.



Vincent294 said:

The new logo's cool: it's like Windows & Skype's logos. I just wonder about the system.



Gamer83 said:

The vast majority, at least from what I've seen, calls the 360 'Xbox' anyway so it would make sense to just call it that and nobody does advertising like MS, if there's one thing I think it does far better than its competitors it's advertise the crap out of its products, that will ensure there's no confusion. It won't be like Nintendo who's marketing of the Wii U has been questionable to say the least.

Anyway, glad the hype train is now finally starting. It will take a lot to get me more excited for the next Xbox than I am for the PS4 but I am a big fan of both brands and I'm looking forward to seeing what MS is going to bring to the table. I'm a Halo fanboy so any Halo 5 footage would get me super hyped though I assume that would probably be something they hold until E3 eventhough we all know it's coming.



FullbringIchigo said:

Just calling it "Xbox" to me seems like a step backwards especially since it was only 2 consoles ago that one had the same name.

Honestly i prefer Xbox 720 or hell even Xbox 3

It also makes me think the should have just called the 360 the "Xbox 2" then the new one could just be called "Xbox 3" it would have saved all this commotion

EDIT: Also i am so going watch this on the 21st, finally we will get to see if those rumours are true or not.



hydeks said:

stares at the "new" logo for awhile, all confused umm...that's the xbox 360 logo....what's new?



shingi_70 said:


It doesn't have the gradients of the older logo and is more in line with the Metro stylings.

Current xbox logo

Xbox Logo used for windows 8/phone

New logo

They took the color scheme of the OG logo and put it into the stylings of the Metro logo. I think the font for Xbox could use a change but its a really good design imo.

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