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California Games Reboot Heading to Kinect

Posted by Ken Barnes

System 3 At The Helm.

As part of a feature in this week's MCV that focuses on legendary British publisher System 3's 30th birthday, CEO Mark Cale has let slip that the company is working on a reboot of California Games.

Cale mentions the franchise twice, first stating that "For Wii U, Kinect, or Move, we have interactive titles such as California Games" and then later on in the interview, he confirms that "We have also started work on Ferrari Challenge 2, California Games, and Arcade Pinball Classics."

From this, we think that its safe to assume that the company is aiming California Games for Kinect, and given the publisher's history and back catalogue, we would suggest that an Xbox 360 release is likely, rather than a next-generation version. We're imagining that hacky sack, skateboarding, surfing, and skating will make an appearance, as well as the return of the somewhat impossible frisbee event.

As it stands, nothing else has been confirmed about the title, but we'll bring you more as we get it. Did anyone else play this religiously on their Lynx, Amstrad CPC, C64, Megadrive, or SNES? We know we did.

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