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Batman: Arkham Origins Uncovered

Posted by Ken Barnes

WB Montreal Take The Reigns

This month's GameInformer has outed a big new title, in the form of Batman: Arkham Origins.

The game is due to be released in October, and Warner Bros. Montreal have grabbed the developmental reigns from RockSteady, who have worked on the last two Arkham titles. Little is known about the game as yet, apart from the facts that it will definitely launch on Xbox 360 - and maybe Xbox 720, although that's not confirmed as yet - that Deathstroke will make his Arkham debut, and that RockSteady's customised Unreal Engine will be in play once again.

Arkham Origins is being penned by Eric Holmes, who has worked on The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, and Prototype.

GameInformer have released a trailer to their YouTube channel, and we've included that below.

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Gamer83 said:

I'm a big fan of the Arkham games, in fact City is one of my top 2 from this gen but no Rocksteady definitely has me on the fence about this.



Tasuki said:

No Rocksteady, No Paul Dini, the more I hear about it the more of a cash in this game sounds like. I will have to see some gameplay footage first before I put any money down on this one and than I will probably just rent it first.



Vincent294 said:

Looks interesting. These are the guys who did the Wii U port of Arkham City if I recall correctly. Will be decent at the least. The 3DS + Vita one also shows a lot of promise, from some guys who split off from the Metroid Prime Trilogy dev team.



Gamer83 said:

I didn't play Arkham City on the Wii U so I don't know how well the port turned out, but aside from a few gameplay gimmicks that WB wanted added, most of the work was already done for these guys, they just had to make sure they didn't screw up Rocksteady's game in the transition to the new console. This really does feel like a late-gen cash-in, the fact that there's a handheld Arkham Origins game as well just cements that. I don't have high hopes for that either since I have yet to play a multiplat 3DS/Vita game that is any good, if 3DS is the lead platform, I'll be even more infuriated because the Vita has the superior hardware. Develop for the stronger system first then down port if you have to, otherwise don't even bother.



jordanmarsden said:

Hopefully the loss of Rocksteady doesn't affect the quality of this franchise.

Seeing as this is an earlier Batman, I'd like to see WB Montreal go the Batman: Year One route and really delve into the origin story. You can't go wrong with Frank Miller's writing as your foundation.

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