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Turtles Return to XBLA

Posted by Ken Barnes

Out of The Shadows coming this summer.

Activision has announced that they'll be releasing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows via Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

The game is "inspired by" the new Nickelodeon animated series, rather than the original series, comic book, first movie, second movie, third movie, or Austrian brass-rubbing version of the characters, and is a third-person brawler. Set in New York, the game promises to feature four-player online co-op and "combo driven" action, although not much else has been confirmed. A trailer has been released though, and we've nabbed that for you.

Turtle power, and all that...

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SuperKMx said:

@Tasuki The press release we have says:- "digital download-only video game inspired by Nickelodeon’s new hit animated series, will be available this summer." I've updated the story to say inspired by, rather than based on.



Tasuki said:

AH np. Sorry if I typed it the wrong way and it sounded like I was being rude or jumping down your throats. I was just confused thats all. Cause for one thing I think it looks a whole lot better than the current tv series.



hYdeks said:

wish it was being released on Wii U too, kinda seems like a missed oppurtunity:(



SuperKMx said:

@hydeks It really does. If it picks up enough sales, then I guess it might get a release on Wii U - who knows?



Gamer83 said:

This actually looks pretty cool, hopefully they can make something that lives up to the arcade, SNES and Genesis games.

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