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Xbox 720 Odds Against to "Win" in 2013

Posted by Ken Barnes

...according to one bookmaker, anyway.

UK bookmaker Paddy Power - well known for offering novelty betting opportunities - has decided to weigh in and open a book on which of the two next-generation consoles will "win" 2013. The company is believed to be the first to provide "In-running" betting on a videogame match, after taking bets on the Ryan Hart vs Femi Adeboye Super Street Fighter IV match at Capcom's HQ back in 2010.

Two books will be made available, with bets being taken on which machine will sell the most units worldwide in 2013, and more bizarrely, which console will provide the greatest computational power in FLOPS (floating-point operations) per second. We're not entirely sure who's going to verify either of the outcomes, quite frankly, but it's quite clear that the bookie has a favourite.

The odds show that Sony's PS4 is odds-on to take the crown in 2013, at 8/13 (or 1.62/1 if you like your decimals) with the Xbox 720 at 6/5 against (2.20/1). In the FLOPS race, the PS4 may as well already have won, according to the bookmaker. They go 2/5 (1.40) about the PS4, and 7/4 (2.75) about Microsoft's machine. Anybody with inside information about the 720 is probably rubbing their hands with glee and getting a wheelbarrow ready to carry off their new-found fortune, right about now.

Of course, nobody knows if both consoles will actually see retail in 2013 as yet, so we'd suggesting checking the void bet terms if you're crazy enough to throw any money at this.

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