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Take Two Picks Up WWE Franchise

Posted by Ken Barnes

THQ Taps Out

With stricken publisher THQ being stripped down and sold for spare parts as we speak, a few people have been wondering what would happen to the incredibly valuable WWE licence, which they've held since the release of the original WWE Smackdown! for the PSOne way back in 2000.

Well, it seems that Take Two have stepped into the ring to collect the prize, and will be publishing forthcoming entries based on Vince McMahon's "sports entertainment" brand. No games have been announced as yet, and the agreement is still pending approval by the courts. Developer Yuke's will remain in the hotseat, and it is being reported that Take Two will also be taking on THQ employees who worked on the franchise.

We were expecting the announcement of WWE '14 in the near future, but it may be more likely that we'll see it at E3 now. The question is, will it be heading to the 360, the new Xbox, or both? We'll bring you more as we get it.

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Tasuki said:

Great news. I figured someone would get the WWE license since THQ shut down I am so glad that EA didnt scoop it up. It will be interesting to see how Take Two does WWE compared to THQ.



Gamer83 said:

Sounds like much of the team that worked on these games will be intact so I don't expect too many changes, which I'm actually ok with. The last two games have started moving the series in the right direction again.

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