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Rumoured Kinect 2.0 Specifications Leaked

Posted by Ken Barnes

Sideways poses are on the cards.

The boys over at VGLeaks have been understandably busy of late, and they may have turned up a bit of information about how motion gaming will work in the next generation.

According to them - and this is still very much in the "rumour" territory for now - we will definitely see "Kinect 2.0" being included as standard with Durango, and it'll be undergoing a fair few improvements. Larger playing areas, higher resolution, faster response times, and the ability to detect six players (rather than Kinect's maximum of two) means that more gameplay opportunities will be available to developers. Plus of course, the fact that the device is packed in with the console from day one would mean that there are less risks in actually developing Kinect titles - as the potential player base would be exactly the same size as the console's installed base.

The full list of rumoured improvements are as follows:-

Improved field of view results in much larger play space.
RGB stream is higher quality and higher resolution.
Depth stream is much higher resolution and able to resolve much smaller objects.
Higher depth stream accuracy enables separating objects in close depth proximity.
Higher depth stream accuracy captures depth curvature around edges better.
Active infrared (IR) stream permits lighting independent processing and feature recognition.
End to end pipeline latency is improved by 33 ms
Tracking of players with height of one meter.
One mode for both seated and standing players.
Detection of hand states, for example, open or closed hands.
Detection of extra joints, and rotations for some joints.
Tracking of six, rather than­­­­­­ two, active players.
Tracking of occluded joints, for example, an elbow occluded by a hand.
Detection of joint positions.
Detection of sideways poses.

The report goes on to state that some of the improvements will come from the new IR functionality, and that no tilt motor would be included with the next-generation sensor. This is due to the field of view with Kinect 2.0 apparently being some 70' by 60', as opposed to the old device's 57.5' by 43.5'.

When Microsoft goes on record with regards to its plans for Kinect in the next generation (which should be soon, we'd have thought) - we'll be right there to bring you all the information.


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Tasuki said:

Ugh I wish they would fix how much room is needed to use Kinect. I just dont have the room where my Xbox is set up to use it which irks me cause I wouldnt mind using it. However there is enough room to use the Wiimote in the same space cause my Wii was right next to my Xbox. Biggest disappointment with the Kinect.



hydeks said:

Microsoft, do everyone a favour, stop doing Kinect, and especially stop making Rare do motion games, and get them back to making cooler games. Thank you

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