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Kinect Party to be Free Until 2013

Posted by Ken Barnes

Double Fine by us!

Major Nelson has just dropped some knowledge on us that confirms that Double Fine's next Kinect title - Kinect Party will launch on December 18th on Xbox Live Arcade.

Not only that, friends, but it'll be FREE up until December 31st.

That's right! You'll be able to get your hands on the new game - which features eighteen different games/experiments - for absolutely nothing. If you own the original Double Fine Happy Action Theatre, you'll be able to play any of the games that were included in that package from inside the sequel, without having to switch between the two products. The game can support up to 6 players, and includes modes that allow you dress up in virtual costumes influenced by Minecraft.

That's us sold, then.


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EternalDragonX said:

This is great news except the whole dec 18th thing. I didn't have money to buy it for my kids. Merry Christmas to my kids from xbox live. I don't normally say this but thank you Microsoft.

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