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Fable: The Journey Demo Now Available

Posted by Ken Barnes

Get your seated play on.

Microsoft has announced that the expansive demo from Fable: The Journey is now available to download from Xbox Live.

The demo takes the user through non-firmware Kinect calibration to ensure accurate spellcasting, and provides a full level from the game, complete with a huge, screen-filling boss. With a lot of people still feeling down after that awful (and somewhat misrepresentative) E3 demonstration, the demo will have a lot to do in order to convince people that the game is worth the asking price. Seated play is in the house, and it appears to work pretty darned well.

Fable: The Journey is released in the US on 9th October, and three days later on the 12th in Europe.

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zhorzhio said:

The demo was very good. Far better than the usual garbage the Kinect has produced. If the game itself as good or better than the demo, there may actually be something to play on Kinect.



userwords said:

It is now when we are getting really good games for kinect.

Dragon Ball Z for kinect, avengers, power ranger samurai, fable the journey.

Im now kind of obssesed with dragon ball z, and how inmersive it is. I think i already lost like 10 pounds only on it, and my punches are now like the speed of light XD

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