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Just 114,000 Japanese Have Bought Kinect

Posted by James Newton


Xbox 360 isn't very popular in Japan, and the average Japanese home is very small. Surprise surprise, then, that Kinect has only mustered a pitiful 114,000 sales in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Even combined, the three best-selling Kinect titles — excluding Kinect Adventures — only amount to a meagre 60,300 sales, barely even one sale for every two Kinect sensors. The top three titles were Forza Motorsport 4 with 24,900 sales, DanceEvolution with 22,400 and Kinect Sports some way behind with 13,000 units.

It's a shame — though hardly surprising — that quality Japanese Kinect game Child of Eden isn't in the top three, considering it's one of the least space-intensive games on Kinect, a real bonus considering the size of Japanese homes isn't exactly conducive for Kinect play.


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teamdoa said:

No surprise there then. An over populated country where space is limited, not the best place to sell something that requires a football pitch in order to use it effectively.

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