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Out Now: Just Dance 3 (Worldwide)

Posted by James Newton

Get your groove on

Following its launch in North America last week, dance juggernaut Just Dance 3 is now available in Europe too.

This release is the first time the mega-selling franchise has left Wii, and offers several brand new features for Kinect owners, including the Just Create mode that lets you sculpt and share your own choreography with other players via Xbox Live, with support for up to four local players as well.

We're shaking our money makers to Just Dance 3 at the moment and will have a full review up in the near future.

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pellissier said:

I was pretty excited about this as the family loves dancing, but more and more reviews coming out said there is no tutorials in this game like Dance Central. As I've never played Just Dance before I won't judge it on this basis, but I'll wait to see how well it does. this time in the life of gaming, this kind of game should at least have a career-like mode inspiring you to go forward.



dirtyvu said:

don't worry about dance tutorials with Just Dance. I have Just Dance 2 for the Wii. the dances are not hard and the scoring is not precise so it doesn't matter. the moves are really repetitive and not hard. it's more about bopping around with your friends and being silly



pellissier said:

@dirtyvu thanks~ after posting I found the user reviews on with similar views to yours, so I may just get it for the "being silly" with friends and family!

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