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This is How You Swim with Kinect and Michael Phelps

Posted by James Newton

Get your nose plugs on

Of all the Kinect-related questions we get here at KINECTaku, by far the most asked is "just how are you supposed to swim standing up in Michael Phelps - Push the Limit?" Now let us answer that entirely justified question with a brand new video.

Phelps himself features in the instructional video below, showing how to excite the crowd, perform a perfect dive and then swim like crazy. There seems to be a blend of arcade and simulation-style elements and most of the motions required are arms-only, but we'll have to wait another month to see how the final product shapes up.

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Gertmint said:

Do any of these game developers actually make any profit from making Kinect games? I just don't get it, 90% of what's released is just just embarrassing.



pellissier said:

Seriously, I'm baffled. I thought this would be some kind of exercise title, but now I'm wondering if it's Champion Jockey a la Michael Phelps? I don't get it...where do we file this title?
And once you've swum a lap, then what? I can see this wearing thin soon, but I won't judge yet until the release...not yet...



James said:

@pellissier Once you've swum a lap, swim again!

@Gertmin This is Blitz Games' 6th or 7th Kinect game now but I'd be really interested to know how many have made a profit. Of course these are just as work for hire which — if you've played Game Dev Story — you'll know aren't usually the money-makers!

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