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Kinect Sports: Season Two - You Ask the Questions!

Posted by James Newton

We want your input

Excited about Kinect Sports: Season Two's release later this year? Have burning questions for developer Rare that simply must be answered? Then we have the perfect situation for you.

We'll be speaking with the creative minds behind development team Rare in the near future and want to arrive with a bundle of your questions. Want to know how a certain sport will work? Queries about online leaderboards and future updates?

Leave your questions in a comment below and we'll ask the very best ones at our upcoming pow-wow with the Rare bigwigs. You really cannot say fairer than that.

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pellissier said:

Question 1:
From what I gather this Season 2 is separate from the debut release, or will it include those sports? If not, is there any way I can play both without having to change discs and reload?

Question 2:
When we play 4 people we end up with one problem: the game always adds the person who is actually signed in and whose saved data is being used. For example, if I am the currently signed in person and the game is using my saved data, it doesn't matter which activity we choose when you can play two people (like boxing or bowling), but one of the two is always me. Is it possible that 4 people can play and they can match easily?



dirtyvu said:

it would be nice not to have to switch discs but these aren't songs and this isn't Rock Band or Guitar Hero. It'd be like not having to switch discs between MW, MW2, blops, and MW3 which isn't going to happen.



Nymo said:

My biggest question that's been nagging at me has to be this:
This year, Kinect Sports Season 2 is touting a lot of voice features integrated into the gaming experience. For example: You can call out specific clubs to use in golf or give commands to your team in football. What I'm wondering is: a) How good is using the voice commands in a noisy setting, like parties where Kinect will generally be used at, and b) Is there an option to do actions without having to use your voice?
Kinect works pretty alright at picking up voices, but it's not perfect. The voice features look cool, but I'm afraid that it may not work well in loud settings, or worse: Family and friends may want to try to mess you up by shouting different commands while playing. Which brings me to the next part: Is the vocal commands optional? If not, that kinda restricts the audience.

Other questions I have:
-Unlike the first Kinect Sports, this is being co-developed by both Rare and BigPark: How is that working? Is one doing half the games and the other doing the rest, or is the partnership close and both parties get their hands in everything?
-Continuing from the voice commands topic: How many languages will be supported on the disk? Will different language versions be released in different regions (ie: french in canada, spanish in america) and/or will there be updates/DLC for other languages?
-Will "Party Play" and other game modes make a comeback on Season Two?
-Will other little activities appear in this version? For example: The original had a little "Conduct the Crowd" mode.
-Any DLC planned after launch, namely another free sponsored one?
-Is Peter Dickson returning with his ruddy voice to be the announcer once again?
-Two of the games in this collection are rather American-based (football and baseball). Has this been a result of consumer feedback? How else has the community sort of help shape up this new version?
-Are achievements somewhat easier this season, or still equally as challenging as the first?
-Does your level from Kinect Sports carry over to Season Two or will it have it's own separate level system?
-Any fan-favorite KS mascots returning, and will there be a new set of mascots?
-It's been almost a year since the Kinect sensor released. Does Rare and the industry seem to have a better understanding of what the device is capable to do? General outlook on Kinect's progress so far?

wow, I really thought up of a-lot. Looking forward to their answers!



trony said:

my biggest question is: in the first kinect sport it was very accurate and precise in the single player mode(in soccer for example)-you could kick any direction and it woud recognise you amazingly but all that disappear when you were playing co matter to where you were aiming-it kicked to one direction.
1)why this happened
2)can the industry especialy microsoft and you capable working this out with the current gen of both the kinket and xbox 360?
you are donig a wonderful job.keep on!!



Sergiu37 said:

I'm interested in skiing.
Will there be at least 2-4 races and at least one speed and one technical event?
And if there will be will the screen blur for a sense of speed in the first?
As for the second will that need fast reflexes?

And a non related to season 2: I know that soccer is not in this season, but can we expect soccer to be in the third season?



d20Dark said:

My first question would be to YOU and not the developer. Is Darts fun? In any way? Is there ANY form of challenge or is it a game of line up the exact point you want the dart to go... and hit it?
My second question is will they continue to stick to a 1:1 Kinect integration with their animations if it means Avatar's feet or hands start jumping around manically due to loss of bone/body detection? Wouldn't it be easier and more visually pleasing if they used SOME canned animations so we don't have dancing Avatars when we're doing something simple like "standing still at the plate" or "waiting to swing at the tee"?

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