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Japan Gets New Kinect Bundles Next Month

Posted by James Newton

Will they come west?

Microsoft continues to tinker with its Xbox 360 and Kinect bundles, with Japan set to receive a new line-up next month.

From 13th October Microsoft will offer two new packages in the country. A 4GB console and Kinect Value Pack for ¥29,800 ($388 / £247 / €285) or 250GB console and the same Value Pack for ¥39,800 ($519 / £330 / €380).

The Value Pack itself includes copies of Kinect Adventures, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and three months of Xbox Live Gold membership.

Will these be enough to give the 360's sales a lift in Japan or is it a case of flogging a dead horse?


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Tasuki said:

Personally I am waiting for the Star Wars Kinect bundle. Hopefully it will come out next year.



UberGames_Co_Za said:

They should continue to try, one does not just give up on a whim. they should consider a serious price drop like PS did in Europe, the hardware has been paid off along time ago and there is no reason to continue robbing the people who want to support you.

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