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These New Kinect Star Wars Screens Shot First

Posted by James Newton

Full of Rancor

Kinect Star Wars has a lot riding on it, but it's always pleasing to see its fidelity to the source material, with these new screenshots from Microsoft showing off some new treats in store.

Fresh from Gamescom, the stills picture a playable Rancor smashing things up, as well as all the usual Jedi lightsaber battling you'd expect. We're just interested in the smashing bit, though.

We put the game through its paces a few weeks ago and had some reservations about whether this can be the killer app Kinect title everyone's hoping for. Read our honest Kinect Star Wars preview for more and check out the screenshots below.

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linkster55 said:

Even though the preview wasn't all too great, these added levels make me want this even more!

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