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Does This Kinect Sports: Season Two Trailer Score or Miss?

Posted by James Newton

Balls and darts

Two of the new sports in Kinect Sports: Season Two are featured in a shiny new trailer below.

Hopefully the tennis can improve on the slightly shaky motion controls in SEGA's Virtua Tennis 4, and let's face it: the darts can't be any worse than in the disastrous Game Party in Motion.

Microsoft UK has announced a release date of 25th October for the game, which is a Tuesday, so this could well change to the more traditional Friday release date in Europe. We'll keep you up to date.

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d20Dark said:

If all you do is line up the cursor where you want your dart to land... why is that a game? Isn't that like putting your mouse over a link and hitting the button? It's supposed to go where you tell it- how is that in any way a 'skill'??? And the tennis better be something a bit more dynamic than that made it look. I won't buy it just for Golf.



Algorhythm said:

That was a ridiculously bad demo of darts. I'm not sure what they were looking to showcase there, but it was a turn-off at best. Either it shows that it's way too easy, in which case I don't want to play, or the AI is way too good, and I don't want to play.

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