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Buy Kinect, Get Child of Eden Free

Posted by James Newton

Can't complain

The two 'soft giants of the Kinect world — Microsoft and Ubisoft — are teaming up to give landmark Kinect game Child of Eden away to new customers buying into Kinect.

Starting next week in North America and Europe, everyone who purchases a Kinect sensor will receive a code entitling them to a free digital download of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's stunning sensory shooter. Software pack-in Kinect Adventures will still be included too.

Best of all is that the whole kit — Kinect, Child of Eden and Kinect Adventures — will retail for the same price as the previous package.



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Algorhythm said:

Well, the price is at least right. If they would have released a demo there would have been no reason to ever by this. One level is about all you ever need to play. It's a neat game but being a "pack-in" feels about right. Good on you Microsoft!!!



Dave123 said:

It's a shame that this game sold so bad that they're giving it away. I bought it on day one and it may be short but it's fun and I think it's quite challenging so it's lasting me a while and it should have sold better.



armoredghor said:

@Dave123 I feel the same way. It really deserves better but I would have already bought it if Kinect by itself only costed $100. Now hopefully many more people buy Kinect.

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