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R2-D2 Xbox 360 Will Set You Back Over $400

Posted by James Newton


We knew that the limited edition Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox 360 S (phew) would come in just above the standard $399.99 price range, but now we know the full extent of the critical damage the package will inflict on your wallet.

EBGames is listing the console at a whopping $449.99, as is Amazon. European retailers have started listening the bundle with prices, as predicted, starting from the £334.99 mark.

All this talk of money aside, here's a video from Inside Xbox showing the console and white Kinect in detail. Will you be picking one of these bad boys up?

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dirtyvu said:

This is the same price as if you picked up the 250 GB 360 bundle($399) and bought the Star Wars game ($50). But now it's a 320 GB hard drive with the Star Wars trimmings.



SilentJ said:

This looks even better than I expected but I might have to pass on it. It's freakin' expensive!



linkster55 said:

Looks really nice but way to expensive considering I have all of that without the game in black :/

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