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Nyko Zoom for Kinect Hits Europe in August

Posted by James Newton

Zooming in

The green-eyed monster is making its way to Europe, as the Nyko Zoom for Kinect is down for release next month according to retail sources speaking to MCV.

GamingZap expects the add-on, which apparently reduces the space Kinect requires by as much as 40%, to come into stock on 23rd August, the same day it's due in North America.

We can't wait to try the accessory for ourselves, even if Microsoft does not endorse the Zoom.


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chuckyj1 said:

If this really does not affect the gameplay mechanics...then I'll be picking one up. It would have been nice if MS would have got behind this product, because if it works perfectly and requires up to 40% less space it is a great peripheral for Kinect. MS may have just wished they came out with the product 1st maybe???



userwords said:

Am i the only one who understands that if you reduce play space by 40% then you are REDUCING FUN BY 40%.

Microsoft must sue that stupid company or they will ruin kinect.



ifell41 said:

@ Chuckyj; If it works I'll be picking up one too! But I will wait untill a few reviews are out there first.



PlaysWithWolves said:

Considering that I don't want to rearrange my living room just to be able to more-easily play Kinect games, this product sounds like it may improve fun by 40%.



chuckyj1 said:

My understanding is it reduces the space required from the Kinect to your play space. It doesn't shrink your actual play area... Why would shrinking the space required from the TV to the players reduce fun 40%??

But, I'll deff. wait for reviews to see how it actually works and how effectivle it is.

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