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Microsoft Does Not Endorse Nyko Kinect Zoom

Posted by James Newton

No seal of approval here

The space-maximising Nyko Zoom for Kinect has attracted a lot of attention, but it seems Microsoft isn't as keen on the product as our users.

UK site CVG asked Microsoft if the snap-on product was endorsed by the company, to which a spokesperson replied:

Kinect has been tested for performance, accuracy and environmental conditions thoroughly. Any modification can impact the overall performance of Kinect.

Of course, it could be a positive or negative impact, but Microsoft wouldn't go into further detail. We'll only find out whether the device is good or not after its release on 23rd August.


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User Comments (6)



ifell41 said:

Well I am pretty sure this "Nyko" wasnt going to pay a zillion dollars to microsoft to get endorsed, to we'll just have to wait and see if it works..:-)



Gertmint said:

Well It's either going to work or its going to make the Kinect even less responsive as its going to cover up the lenses with extra ones and add extra weight to the built in motor?



userwords said:

world is so overpopulated to a nasty point that ppl dont even have 4 square meters to play. DISGUSTING.

microsoft KICK nyko out of the game or they will ruin kinect gaming. SUE EM



ifell41 said:

@ userwords; dont forget that a lot of kids have an xbox in their rooms. Generally kids rooms arent known for their spaciousness, so having something that would narrow down the required floorspace would be awesome for them! And world overpopulation isnt something that should pop into your mind when talking about an add-on to an add-on for a gaming console. Chill out.



SigourneyBeaver said:

If Microsoft endorsed this or encouraged its use then it would look like they got something wrong when making Kinect.

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