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A New Peek into Minecraft's Future with Kinect

Posted by Christopher Ingram

The creator jokes back

The details of Minecraft making its debut on home consoles via the Xbox 360 are literally nowhere to be found ever since we first heard the news about the game making its platform transition at this year’s E3 convention. We've finally got a few snippets of information now though, thanks to a recent interview that IGN ran with the games creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson.

Most of the interview consists of how the game was conceived and business talk, and we still don’t have any real insight to how the game will control without using a controller, but we Notch does mention a humorous Kinect-exclusive setting. We'll let his words do the talking for us here:

I don't dare answer any more of the questions, other than to say that I'm trying very hard to make sure we have a setting you can turn on that turns the game into what everyone is joking about; you wave your arms around to mine and use items. It's just too silly not to include. Punching trees from the comfort of your living room has never been this immersive before.

We can only imagine how much fun it will be to wreak havoc on the worlds we build, and also we know that the game's vast community will be building exclusive worlds that utilise Kinect in unique ways that the developers likely haven’t even thought up yet.

Does this news make you want to start punching fire-wielding skeletons right in the skull with your actual fist? Do you already have construction ideas planned out while awaiting the game's release? Let us know in the comments section below.


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ifell41 said:

...My hands sometimes locked up after building for hours on end... I wonder what would happen to me when mining using kinect!

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