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Watch Major Nelson's Head Tracked by Forza Motorsport 4

Posted by James Newton

Looking good

Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 4 is going to be one of the biggest games of Microsoft's E3 showing next week, and community man Major Nelson recently took the new racer for a spin to show off its Kinect head-tracking capability.

While using the traditional control pad or steering wheel, Kinect will track the player's head to let them look around corners or check their rear view mirrors. The sensor will also be used in other game modes, letting players look around cars or steer hands-free, Kinect Joy Ride-style, in an overtaking challenge. Check out Forza Motorsport 4's E3 2010 video for more, and see Major Nelson have his head tracked below.

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SuperKMx said:

I really hope the head-tracking is actually quicker than it is in this video. If you look closely, by the time he's looking right at the screen again, the view is still sliding around to central.

I get there's going to be some required processing and response time, but it needs to be a touch quicker, says I.



Crunchewy said:

I think it's going to feel weird, not natural. You have to turn to the side while keeping your eyes straight ahead. I suppose you'll get use to it, though, and certainly it is intriguing enough make me interested in trying it.

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