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Expect Lots of Kinect Star Wars at E3 2011

Posted by James Newton

Event invite drops hints

Last year we caught the briefest of glimpses of Kinect Star Wars, but this year it looks likely we'll see much more of the upcoming sensor lightsaber fest, as it features heavily on Microsoft's E3 2011 invite.

The image, posted by Kotaku, name drops Luke Skywalker and features a lightsaber icon too, pointing to more motion-controlled Jedi vs. Sith action. Last year's rendered demo piqued the interest but this year the title will be playable, hopefully justifying its reputation as one of the most anticipated Kinect titles.

Other Kinect-relevant icons include a car from Forza Motorsport 4 and a sensor itself, but we're slightly intrigued by the inclusion of a purple lightning bolt: purple being Kinect's 'official' colour and the lightning bolt rather resembling Harry Potter's famous scar. We recently reported that EA is ditching Kinect support for the next Harry Potter video game, but perhaps EA and Microsoft have surprises up their wizards' sleeves.

We'll find out at Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference on Monday 6th June, which we'll be covering here live.


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Algorhythm said:

Mark Hamill will probably show up at the M$ press conference. Not only can he stump for the Star Wars Kinect game, but he cant cross-promote Batman Arkham City as well...



James said:

@davahsa I was intrigued by that too! A Kinect-controlled Batman fighting game would be amazing if done right.



Gertmint said:

Sorry but having a PS3 and an Xbox I'm more looking forward to a lightsaber being used on a Move controller as its way more accurate and would feel more natural a controller in your hand, and it lights up ;-)



James said:

@Gertmint I'd love a game that somehow combined the two — Move for lightsaber duels and Kinect for Force powers!



davahsa said:

@Gertmint and @James I play the baseball batting cage game in Carnival games with my kids toy light saber. I plan on playing this game with that same light saber (Red darth maul model with only 1 blade attached)-hope this works!

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