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Analyst: New Xbox and New Kinect May Be Unveiled in 2012

Posted by James Newton

Gaze into the crystal ball

Recent rumours suggested we'd see a new Xbox console at E3 next month, but these were quickly squashed and thrown away. But next year? That's much more likely, according to M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon.

The brilliantly named analyst believes the new machine could be shown off at next year's E3 if Xbox 360 sales begin to slow down over the next six months. Central to any next-generation Xbox would be an enhanced Kinect, as we already know Microsoft is building the future of Kinect hardware.

Should the console be revealed next year, it's unlikely we'd see it released much before Christmas 2012 or even into 2013, so Kinect and Xbox 360 have a long life together yet.


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UberGames_Co_Za said:

So what is the wishlist so far?
Here are a couple from my clients.
01. Blu-Ray (digital download is great but bandwidth is scarce and costly in some parts of the world.....these days even in Canada.)
02. Better HDMI pass through control and power on and off control on HDMI
03. Client upgradeable HDD so we can install our own SSD's
04. More game franchises, maybe throw some money at PS3 dev companies to get out of exclusivity contracts.
05. Free MMO on XBOX Live.
06. Please keep the controller, it is the best in the business, but maybe add motion sensor.
07. Twitter and FB is great but most ppl post with external links, and if there is no way to access the content it is not so useful
08. Podcasting app
09. Allow users to transfer video's that are downloaded to the console onto a flash drive. This will help sharing hype and game trailer videos

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