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THQ Launches Kinect Double Whammy on 15th April

Posted by James Newton

Two games on one day?!

Honestly, you wait months for new Kinect games and then a publisher announces it's going to release two on the same day. That's the crazy thinking on display at THQ as the company confirms it's releasing a pair of titles on 15th April.

For fans of minigames, Carnival Games: In Action offers 20 games and attractions, the ability to use your Xbox Avatar in-game and even take a galactic journey in a rocket to Mars, according to the game's blurb.

On the same day, animal lovers can get to grips with Kinect's first augmented reality game, Fantastic Pets. With the ability to customise your pet to be anything from a winged lizard to a scaly cat, there should be plenty of options for bizarre freaks to do the rounds come 15th April.

It's not just THQ launching games on Kinect that day: Ubisoft's Michael Jackson: The Experience also lands on 15th April. Talk about spoilt for choice.

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mastodona said:

Bring it on...let's just hope at least one of these is good...carnival one sounds fun if they can make it work.

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