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The Gunstringer Rides into Xbox Live Arcade on Kinect

Posted by James Newton

Go bang bang, pew pew

So far, every one of the Kinect games released has been disc only, but 'Splosion Man developer Twisted Pixel has just announced the first Kinect game for Xbox Live Arcade: The Gunstringer, and calling it "unique" doesn't quite fit the bill.

A mix between third-person shooter and 2D platformer, you control The Gunstringer, a Sheriff who's also a puppet. You control his actions with one hand one the virtual strings, making him jump and move with one hand while aiming and shooting with the other. As you'd expect from Twisted Pixel, the game has its own unique graphical style and looks set to be rather unlike anything on Kinect, or anything else.

The announcement trailer below should give you a good idea of what to expect from Kinect's first shooter (Harry Potter doesn't count.)

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James said:

One of the few games I've seen so far that's made me think it could realistically only be done on Kinect. Love the puppetry idea to control a character in a third-person shooter - very clever!



Crunchewy said:

Honestly, I can't tell how this game plays from that video. I look forward to trying out the demo, though. Definitely.



Crunchewy said:

Is Kinectaku just presuming this is an XLBA title, or do they actually have info stating that? The blog post makes no mention of XBLA at all. So far all Kinect games have been retail discs, and so far there seems to not really be a way for XBLA games to be launched from the Kinect Hub.



James said:

@Crunc It's not just us - everyone's reporting this as an XBLA title. I can't see it coming to disc personally, not with the game's concept or Twisted Pixel's track record.

I know what you mean about launching XBLA games from the Hub, but I can also see why they wouldn't put that functionality in there until there were no games to utilise it

We'll keep monitoring the title so if it turns out to be retail you'll know here



theblackdragon said:


everyone's reporting this as an XBLA title

no offense, but that's not what i'm seeing... the general consensus seems to be that though they haven't revealed whether it'll be retail or downloadable, all their other games have been for XBLA so there's a good chance this might be the first Kinect game on the service.

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